Communication Arts (Advertising, Journalism, Public Relations, Communication, Film)

What Is Communication Arts (Advertising, Journalism, Public Relations, Communication, Film)?

The field of Communication Arts has to do with both visual and sound communications with people.  It’s about how to deliver messages that are clear and serve the purpose they’re designed for, like sharing information or ideas, persuading someone to buy something, convincing someone to vote for a candidate or contribute money, entertaining a group, or inspiring someone to action.  It involves work in newspapers, magazines, websites, homepages, blogs, pop-up ads, radio, TV, movies, just about any source that bombards us daily with information, with or without our cooperation.  It involves lots of different skills, depending upon who the audience is, why you want to communicate with them, and whether or not they’re seeking the information you have to give.

Are you pretty good with words?  Do you like to get up in front of a group and speak or perform?  Do you think you’re persuasive? Do you like being with and talking to people you don’t know?  If your answer is yes to any of these questions, there may be something in Communications for you to discover it.  Communications positions include things like Communications Manager, Public Relations Director, Satellite Communications Systems Manager, HR Communications Specialist, Newspaper Editor, Film Editor, TV Weathercaster, Director of Media Communications, and News Anchor.