Communication Arts, Print Journalism (BA)

What is A Communication Arts, Print Journalism (BA) Degree?

Communication Arts looks at various kinds of communications between people, between cultures, and between organizations done through journalism, media outlets, TV, public relations, advertising, and all kinds on business communications.  Students working on the BA degree with a specialty in Print Journalism will learn how to report the news and other topics to the public in both print and online media. It’s about purposeful writing.

Studying print journalism involves learning how to plan/design an article, gather data from appropriate sources, craft the piece, and then review and edit it until it’s ready for publication.  Students will take courses in each of the steps of the production process and gets lots of experience writing and editing.

The videos below discuss “typical” programs, so they should help regardless of which school you are considering.

Student Advice

What Can I Do With A Communication Arts, Print Journalism (BA) Degree?