Public Relations (MA)

What is A Public Relations (MA) Degree?

Public Relations involves the exchange of information between a person, company, or organization and the public in an attempt to influence the publics’ behavior and reaction. Desired “customer” behavior may be buying a product, contributing money, voting for a particular candidate—things like that. An important part of influencing someone’s behavior involves customizing communications to the target audience.

To apply for an MA in Public Relations you’ll need to have a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations or in a related field.  Coursework in the Master’s program will include gaining a foundation in topics like financial/strategic management for communications professionals, writing for communications professionals, communications research, media relations, etc.; creating a portfolio of work—written pieces, campaign strategies, oral presentations; followed by choosing elective courses to further specialize according to personal interest.  These electives may include designing health campaigns, designing political campaigns, international public affairs, public presentations, and a host of other applications.