Journalism (BS)

What is A Journalism (BS) Degree?

Studying Journalism is studying the communication arts, the field that has to do with both visual and sound communications with people.  It’s about how to deliver messages that are clear and serve the purpose they’re designed for, like sharing information or ideas, persuading someone to buy something, convincing someone to vote for a candidate or contribute money, entertaining a group, or inspiring someone to action.  It involves work in newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs, radio, TV, or any other source that bombards us daily with information.

The goal of journalism is to inform people so that they can make the best possible decisions about how to live their lives.  There’s a lot of controversy today about how the news ought to be written—objectively or subjectively.  Some countries, the more democratic ones that share news more openly, may have lots of controversy surrounding things like “fake news” or the difference between news, features, or editorials.  To earn a BS degree in Journalism you’ll take courses in how to write objectively and creatively and how to take really good news or feature photos.  You’ll also learn about the history of media, broadcast news, editing, and even Web design.  You’ll likely have lots of hands-on experience through internships and practicums.