What Is Engineering?

Basically, people in the engineering field use science and math to solve problems.  They figure out how to take what scientists have learned to come up with products and ideas that can be used in the real world.  They’re sort of like hands-on scientists themselves.  They design, test, modify, and maintain lots of products and systems, and work many different applications; that is, there are lots of different kinds of engineers.  Mechanical engineers can work in manufacturing with products and factories.  Electrical engineers work with electric and electronic devices, some of which are microscopic for use in very small appliances.  Civil Engineers design, build, and maintain infrastructure components, like bridges, dams, roads, railways, and airports.  And other kinds of engineering titles are Aerospace, Nuclear, and Structural, along with Biomedical, Computer, and Environmental. Of course, there’s overlap in all of these subfields, since there’s a basic engineering science that all engineers need to know. But, after that, they can branch out.

As you can see, there are all kinds of directions that you can go within this field.  A few of the job titles are Design and Development Mechanical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer Drafter, Railroad Bridge Engineer, Advanced Missile Defense Systems Engineer, Manager-Software Engineer, Automotive Engineer, Android Engineer, and many more.  Are you curious about how things work and often trying to modify and improve your stuff?  Do people ask you for your advice on how to fix their cars or bikes because you’re a good problem solver?  Then Engineering may be for you.