Chemical Engineering (BS)

What is A Chemical Engineering (BS) Degree?

People in the engineering field use science and math to solve problems; that is, they figure out how to take what scientists have learned to come up with products and ideas that can be used in the real world.  Chemical Engineers are hands-on scientists themselves, designing ways to produce and deliver chemicals and fuels for a variety of uses.

In a BS degree program in Chemical Engineering, in addition to general education, you’ll study science and math, with lectures and lab experiences.  You’ll study topics in thermodynamics, material and energy balances, transport phenomenon, electrical circuit analysis, and more.  You’ll have lots of lab work, and you may do some kind of internship, although not all BS programs have them.  It’s possible in some BS degree programs to specialize in a specific Chemical Engineering specialty like energy systems, biological engineering or engineered materials like polymers.

What Can I Do With A Chemical Engineering (BS) Degree?