Civil Engineering (MS)

What is A Civil Engineering (MS) Degree?

Civil Engineering is about the design and building of infrastructure for our cities and towns—like bridges, water systems, dams, walls, roads—everything we call public works.  Most applicants to MS degree programs in Civil Engineering already have a BS in the same field.  Some programs will also allow a BS in Math or Physics or another type of engineering to apply, as long as the student has the necessary prerequisites to study in the field.

Most programs allow students to select one specialization area of civil engineering like the environment, geotechnical issues, transportation, structural engineering, water resources, construction management, etc. You may also be able to select between writing a thesis or not.  With the thesis option a research project is done in addition to coursework, and a thesis is written and defended to complete the degree.  Non-thesis options require more coursework to be completed and a comprehensive exam at the end of the program.

What Can I Do With A Civil Engineering (MS) Degree?