Civil Engineering Technology (AS)

What is A Civil Engineering Technology (AS) Degree?

Civil Engineering is about the design and building of infrastructure for our cities and towns—like bridges, water systems, dams, walls, roads—everything we call public works. Completing an AS degree in Civil Engineering Technology will prepare you for assistant-level jobs in the field in which you’ll work under the guidance of a civil engineering to prepare the various drawings needed for major infrastructure projects.  You may also be involved in site visits to survey the site and inspect the progress of the construction or repair work being done.  You’ll need a solid background in math to complete the coursework for the degree which will include subjects like surveying, topography, computer aided drafting (CAD), and materials and soil testing. With the Associate’s degree you’ll be able to go on to complete the civil engineering degree, if you enjoy this work.

What Can I Do With A Civil Engineering Technology (AS) Degree?