What Is Biology?

Biology is the scientific study of life in all forms including plants, animals, and microorganisms. There are many sub-fields, one of which is medicine. But a degree in biology can be a good spring-board for a number of careers besides medicine. For example, with a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry you could use your knowledge of chemicals in living creatures and work in jobs like Forensic Scientist or Toxicologist.  Or with a degree in Microbiology–which is the study of living things that are very small, mostly too small to be seen without a microscope–you might work as a Food Technologist or as a Pharmacologist, developing food products or formulating medicines.   If you were to go into Zoology, the study of animals, you might work as a Marine Scientist, an Ecologist, or even a Zoo Director.

The broad field of biology can lead to wearing a lab coat, working solo in a laboratory setting, or it could mean wearing scuba gear and spending your work days in the ocean with sea turtles.  It might also have you carrying a sample case, selling high-end pharmaceuticals.  There’s a lot here to like, if the study of living things is for you.