Aerospace & Aviation

What Is Aerospace & Aviation?

Aerospace and Aviation is all about mechanical flight—all the activities that are associated with different kinds of aircraft.  The industry includes three kinds of services—air transport, that moves stuff from one place to another; general aviation, which transports people; and military aviation, which moves people and materials in defense of the country.  You can imagine all the various career options that are available in this huge industry, from people to build the aircraft, maintain and fly them, keep them safe, load them, and guide them when they’re in flight and while they land.

If you’re good at math and engineering tasks and have a sense of how form and function work together, then you may want to design and build aircraft and other related equipment.  If you’re mechanically inclined, maintenance may be for you, either in civil or military life. Or maybe you want to be in the responsible position of flying planes or even being a Blue Angel or Thunderbird. Wow!  Some job titles are Pilot, Navigator, Chief Engineer, Flight Attendant, Aircraft Maintenance Specialist, Flight Service Technician, Ramp Service Agent, Airport General Manager, Air Courier Owner, etc..