Airframe and Powerplant certificate/AAS degree

What is An Airframe and Powerplant certificate/AAS degree Degree?

In most geographical areas there are 3 ways to get a government-approved license to do airframe and/or powerplant work on aircraft:

1) Earn a certificate or AS degree from a government-approved training school in Airframe and/or Powerplant, each taking about 1 year (2-years for both) and then successfully pass the government-approved exams. Most students opt for the Associate’s degree.

2) A slightly longer option is to get 18 months of practical experience in airframe or in powerplant operations or 30 months combined experience in both.  That will also qualify you to sit for the exams.

3) you can join one of the armed services and get training and experience in aircraft maintenance, as long as you’re in a military occupational specialty for which the government agency gives credit.

With the license you’ll to be able to inspect and conduct routine preventive maintenance on aircraft.  If you’re not ready to join the military, then the quickest option is to go to an approved training school and study both fields over a 2-year period to get your AS degree.  Then you’ll have to pass the exams, of course.

The videos below discuss “typical” programs, so they should help regardless of which school you are considering.

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