Who needs reskilling or upskilling?

- By Dr. Di

The short answer to the question of who needs reskilling or upskilling is anyone who is getting into or staying in the job market—that’s pretty much all working people.  Reskilling means upgrading the hard skills—the skills of how to complete the precise tasks of the position you want, the how-to skills—keeping them current, consistent with industry trends. And every working person needs to do that.

Upskilling means expanding your abilities to include skills that are required for a position at a higher-level in that industry. And, yes, most people need that, too.  As reported by Express Employment Professionals, nearly 90% of the people doing the hiring today want new employees who can start to be productive from day 1 on the job.  And most of them also say it’s important, and cheaper, for companies to do reskilling and upskilling in-house for current employees; but, surprisingly, nearly half of the companies don’t do that.

So, if you’re looking for career opportunities, be sure that you’re up-to-date on the latest techniques in your field and that you have the certifications that are most desirable. Your soft skills—analyzing, communicating, prioritizing—will get better on their own with practice.  Soft skills are forever.  But hard skills have to be upgraded continually.  That’s what lifelong learning is all about.