A dynamic duo: Bachelor’s degrees and certifications

- By Dr. Di

Word on the higher education street is that we soon should see an uptick of industry-specific certifications embedded into many Bachelor’s degree programs. A group of nationally recognized higher ed organizations teamed with Workcred in recent months to look for good examples of training and certifications commonly preferred in business and industry built into bachelor’s level programs, even in the liberal arts. They were encouraged by what they saw and feel that the time is right for this trend to mushroom.

The trend is driven by the idea that future employers are looking to hire new grads who have up-to-date hard skills that will allow them to function well without immediate additional training. So, these certifications are just what the doctor ordered. Another finding, also discussed in Inside Higher Ed, is that community college students, especially those who have continued to enroll continuously in recent terms, seem to be more interested in getting bachelor’s degrees than they have over the last several years. So, even though community colleges’ missions include serving the broad educational needs of their constituents, it seems that 4-year degree transfer students are at the head of the pack right now. Given the value of completing a bachelor’s degree coupled with one or more specialized job-ready certifications, this opportunity that be one for you to consider.