Do Introverts Want to Keep Working at Home?

- By Dr. Di

How do you think most employees feel about returning to the office?  Wouldn’t you say that the extroverts–the outgoing, talkative ones–must be eager to get back to the office, and the introverts–the quieter, loner-type people– must be dreading going back? Not true! The Myers-Briggs Co., the company that is famous for the MBTI personality test, found that 74% of introverts are happy to go back to the office at least part-time.  And 82% of the extraverts prefer a hybrid combination of office/remote–not office all the time. It seems that both introverts and extraverts are happy to go back to the office, just not every day of the week. 

It appears that, no matter what their personalities are like, being so isolated during the pandemic has shown all employees just how important it is to be around other people. Introverts, despite wanting to be home alone at the end of the day, have come to understand the importance of “feeling more alive” in the office environment even if they’re not participating but are only listening in.  Theorists (like Maslow and Adler) have told us that we have important social needs no matter our personalities.  So these findings aren’t so surprising after all.