Friends at work? Maybe not.

- By Dr. Di

Things have changed in the workplace:  People no longer have friends at work like they used to.  Maybe it’s because people are working from home a lot these days—at least, since the pandemic.  But many employees say friendships at work are just not that important anymore. You’ve probably heard some of your older family members say, “People just don’t want to work that hard anymore.” And socializing with friends after work—like going out for a drink with buddies–can seem like more work.  Doing things with the people you’ve seen around the office extends an already long workday—and that’s no fun.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported some findings from Gallup that found the number of people saying they had a best friend at work dropped by nearly 20% since 2019. So, is this important?  It could be.  Gallup also found that people who had a best friend at work were more likely to keep working for that company; having a friend there made them less likely to want to change jobs.  So maybe that’s why some companies are worried and trying to help employees make friends.  More on that later.