What you should never do in a job interview!

- By Dr. Di

Given the results of a survey done by “Refresh Leadership” on inappropriate candidate behaviors seen by job interviewers, here are things NOT to do during job interviews, organized starting with the most common occurrences:

Don’t arrive late for the interview.  Consider arriving 15 minutes early, even if you have to hang around in your car or the local McDonald’s for a while. That way you demonstrate that you will be a responsible employee.

Don’t wear inappropriate clothing like shorts (especially pajama bottoms), tee shirts, and flip flops, even if you might be able to dress that way for the job itself. Dress better than you’ll be expected to dress for the job.  Some would say to dress like your future boss will dress.   And be sure to be well groomed.

Don’t use swear words or crude slang.  Don’t eat, even if offered a donut.  Don’t chew gum.  And, whatever you do, don’t use your cell phone, even if the interviewer does.  It’s best to turn off your phone so you won’t be tempted by notifications.

Don’t bring anyone—child, friend, or parent—with you into the interview.

Remember that first impressions are really important; so, take all interviews seriously, even ones for part-time or summer jobs.