Many future careers don’t even exist yet!

- By Dr. Di

Have you heard that Dell Industries, in a report last year, said that 85% of the jobs that will be available 12 years from now don’t even exist yet?  Wow!  What does that mean for all the college courses and training that you’re planning to take to prepare for the future?  Well, it means that you’ll need to have really solid skills in the technologies that you’re interested in, along with the soft skills I’ve talked about before—leading, communicating, problem-solving, etc.  But, given that the jobs you may have over the course of your career can’t be planned for, you also need the ability to change, to transform, and to shape what you know how to do.

Workplace of the Future calls this the ability to adapt.  That’s not exactly a skill to be learned; it’s more of an attribute of your personality that can be nurtured and practiced.  What might “being adaptable” look like for you?  It means that you’ll be ready to continually learn new skills—and even seek new opportunities.  Stay in touch with what’s happening in the business world, in education, in prominent industries to be ahead of the game.  And jump at the chance to give up your Saturday to go to a seminar that’s outside your current study and work.  This is what you call lifelong learning, and you’re going to need to be ready for it!