Should I take courses during the summer?

- By Dr. Kit

Would you consider taking courses in the summer while in college? Why not? You may even be able to start the summer before going away to college, immediately after your high school graduation. An article in the Chicago Tribune discusses how taking summer courses can actually save students time and money.

Courses are typically offered over a much shorter period of time in the summer – terms can be as short as 3 weeks in length. Many colleges offer different terms in the summer including one longer term (8 weeks) and two shorter terms (4 weeks). Courses can be completed in less than half the time than during a traditional 16 week term.

Another great thing about summer classes is that you typically don’t have to take them at your home institution. You may be going far away to go to college, but you can probably take some courses near your home when you return for the summer. Some of these courses may cost considerably less than at your home institution, especially if you take them at a local community college. That graduation present from Mom and Dad may be that much bigger if you can save them some money on tuition…hint..hint.

Remember, the sooner you complete your college degree, the sooner you will start making money. Taking a few courses in the summer may help get you to these paychecks faster! Cha-ching!