College graduates better be ready! Good news/Bad news

- By Dr. Di

And here it is.  The good news first:  Entry level work in today’s world no longer has all the routine tasks that first jobs used to have.  New employees are now expected to hit the ground running—communicate directly with customers, analyze data to strategize, manage a team of co-workers, make presentations.  That’s good news, right!?  No more boring grunt work.

Now, here’s the bad news:  You’ll be expected to hit the ground running in your first job.  Huh?  That’s bad news?  It used to be that, as a new employee, you’d be mentored for a while, start out doing menial tasks until you got the hang of things, and then ease into the big stuff.  No more!  Technology is taking care of the “easy” or mundane stuff, so you’ll need to function at a higher level from the beginning.

So, plan ahead to gain experiences outside your basic training to do things like leading a team, listening actively to what’s being said, analyzing real situations accurately, and preparing presentations.   Plus, as Weber and Cutter of the Wall Street Journal noted recently, today’s employees need to be constantly learning new strategies because jobs are no longer static like they once were.  And you’ll have opportunities to move to higher levels of the organization much faster than ever before.  So, get ready, get set . . .