Here’s an important skill that you may not have!

- By Dr. Di

Do you know what skill employers don’t see in young job applicants today?  Communication skills.  What?  How can that be?  You may think that, just because you and your friends spend most of your time texting and responding on social media, you know how to communicate.  This may not be the kind of communication that the workplace needs.

Johnny Taylor reports in USA Today that, even though you probably have far better tech skills than previous generations, you may lack the ability to use and even understand the kinds of communications that go on in business:  talking face-to-face, writing succinct reports and memos without using text spelling and slang, debating issues using relevant data, or actively listening to customers.

Listen to the feedback you’re getting from teachers and counselors.  The next time you’re assigned to work in a group to complete a project for school or a club, suck it up, and do your best—maybe even lead the effort!  You may need this skill and experience in the real world very soon.