How important is communication in the workplace?

- By Dr. Di

Preparing for and getting that good job is high on your list of priorities right now.  But it doesn’t hurt to look ahead to keeping that job once you get it.  Preparing to keep a job is as much a part of preparing for a career as learning the skills of the trade!  Here’s one way you can do it:

Learn how to meditate.  Yes, meditate.  The Carnegie Institute of Technology found that about 85% of peoples’ financial successes in life are because of their ability to communicate.  And those with the best communication skills also have a high EQ—that is, a high Emotional Intelligence Quotient.  What’s that?  It’s the ability to know and manage your own emotions and to know how to positively influence the emotions of others.  It’s sort of like being a grown-up in a situation instead of a little kid having a tantrum.

Well, it’s not so simple as just “growing up,” but taking charge of your emotions is a big part of it. Plus, you’ll be friendlier and enjoy working with other people more.  How do you raise your EQ?  One way is to learn meditation—a strategy to calm your mind so you don’t go off the deep end over sticky situations. You’ll tune-in better to other people, too—that’s a big part of it.  Check out learning to meditate—it might be worth it.