Should Artificial Intelligence affect your career choice?

- By Dr. Di

Do you know what A.I. means?  It’s Artificial Intelligence, and IBM Chair and CEO, Ginni Rometty, reported in an interview on Wall Street Week that A.I. has the potential to bring about big changes in the job market going forward.  Artificial Intelligence can already assist doctors making diagnoses and treatment plans in countries where there are too few doctors to treat the population.  And the sky’s the limit!  Do a web search of IBMs Watson to get a better idea of what this latest technology is all about.

So, what might A.I. mean for you as you prepare for a career?  Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft, in an interview on the same program, says two important things about how A.I. will affect future jobs:  It’s true that the very highest paying jobs in the future will probably require math and science skills to be successful.  But, not to worry.  Gates believes that, because of increased productivity aided by A.I., more leisure time will be available to more workers.  More time for your family and interests.  That’s a good thing, right?  In addition, there will still be many important jobs that will require human contact with people—working with people as they get older, school children, people in hospitals—so many jobs will exist in the service industry.  So, even if you’re not a techie, there will still be lots for you to do.