Should I take risks? YES!

- By Dr. Kit

WAIT….WHAT DID YOU SAY? You heard me! Maybe you aren’t taking enough risks in life. Are you always playing it safe, attempting only tasks that you are relatively sure that you can achieve? Do you think this is going to help you get ahead?

Going along with what David McClelland (a 70’s psych guy) might say, there can be value in having a high need for achievement in today’s job market. People with a high need for achievement take calculated risks, so at times they set out to do things that they aren’t 100% sure that they can do; this means that they do fail at times. It is this CHALLENGE that can drive them to put in the greatest amount of effort, and this often leads to success. Look at anyone you know who you believe is very successful – have these people always taken the easy path? Probably not!

The next time you have a choice to make – should you join the team, should you take the more difficult course, should you take on a new responsibility – think about what a really motivated person would do and decide if that is who you are. Challenge yourself! Life isn’t supposed to be easy.

I’ve always said to my students, “If you never fail, you aren’t trying hard enough.”