Which is better, a two or four year college degree?

- By Dr. Kit

So which is better, a two or four-year college degree?  You would expect that a four-year degree would be better, right?  Not so fast!  Time.com reports that although (in general) students who earn a four-year degree end up making more money, this isn’t always the case.  High school students often see charts displaying average income levels with each increasing level of education and are left with the idea that the higher degree you get, the more money you will make.  Although this is true in general, many two-year programs can lead to very high rates of income.  Because these degrees/diplomas can be earned faster, and because tuition rates are generally lower than universities, these programs also leave students with much less debt (if any).  Some of the fastest growing fields (dental hygienist, medical sonographer, physical therapist assistant) only require the completion of a two-year program.

So which is better – two vs.four-year?  It depends!  Consider the jobs that you can obtain with the degree and the availability of these jobs in the area in which you would like to live.  It’s time to do some research!