Manufacturing could be your choice

- By Dr. Di

Lots of changes have been made in manufacturing in the past few decades, with some
companies moving their operations to foreign countries to reduce cost. As more
manufacturing is being brought home, even bigger changes are occurring because of
advanced technology. Now more than 40% of manufacturing jobs require either a 2- or
4-year college degree, rather than a high school diploma or less, that percentage being
double what it was 20 years, according to the Wall Street Journal. Complex problem-
solving skills are needed more than ever in manufacturing, since employees, some with
advanced degrees in things like industrial engineering and statistical process control,
are coding the commands to control robots and are performing complex calculations to
make sure errors are minimized.
As you watch all the changes that are happening in the work world lately, expect higher-
level training (not necessarily a degree) beyond high school to become a must-have for
manufacturing jobs. To stay competitive companies are investing in the latest
technology, and people don’t make products anymore—sophisticated machines do.
And better-trained people, earning a significantly higher salary than those in the past,
are running the machines. Since new manufacturing positions are open to both men
and women, it’s worth taking a serious look at these new opportunities.