Adaptability is important

Quint Studer, a business leader and philanthropist who founded the Studer Community Institute, recently wrote an article in the Pensacola News Journal that seems to sum up most of the encouraging ideas that commencement speakers are giving to graduating classes around the world.  Here are some of his thoughts:

No matter whether you’re just graduating, looking for a job, or are in the midst of preparing for your future career, those of you who are the most adaptable to change will be the most successful.  In these unusual times, Studer says to “turn obstacles into opportunities.”  Good advice.  In many ways you are in the cat-bird seat since you don’t have long-held ideas, skills, and habits that will be hard to change.  As an example, you’ve just had to adjust to a completely new way of finishing out the school term–virtually overnight.  That’s pretty remarkable. Innovations usually occur when creative people look for ways to solve everyday problems.  And you’ve been part of a wave of such innovation in just the last few months . . . and have survived.

Most people, when asked, would say that they don’t like change—why change when what you’re doing is working? Guess what: We can’t control everything.  Sometimes we have to change.  And as Studer astutely says, “A whole generation of tough, agile, innovative people is being created.”  And you’re one of them.