Now is a good time to think about your career

- By Dr. Di

You may be working your head off, completing your classes online like most students
during this pandemic; and you’re also spending time on social media, making sense of
the world and distracting yourself. Even though everything seems a little upside-down
right now, this is a great time to give your career some serious thought.
Look around you. Who’s working? Who’s not? That’s important. I know it’s hard to
know what the future holds; but many experts are saying—experts in business,
education, and government—that lots of the practices that we’re adopting to cope with
this pandemic are habits that are likely to endure. Like taking classes online–a real
lifesaver under the circumstances. Or having lots of things delivered. Or conducting
meetings and fun stuff on Zoom. All these practices may hang around.
So, stop and think: Are people in your chosen career–accountant, physician,
electrician, actor, business owner, or whatever–still working? If not, are there
adjustments you can make in your career plans that could ensure that you would be
employed even under difficult circumstances? Are there some additional skills you can
gain now that will enhance your future by making you more essential? These are
important things to get some expert advice on and to think about now, since you
probably have the time.