Landscape & Horticulture Management

What Is Landscape & Horticulture Management?

Landscape and Horticulture Managers are professionals who oversee the maintenance of exterior environments that must adapt to changes in weather and climate conditions.  So, it’s much more than mowing the grass every week.  Landscape managers need to know about the turf, plants, flowers, bushes, and trees—how to feed them, control pests, cut them, and basically keep them sustainable over the long run given the unpredictability of weather.  Communities, companies, schools, virtually all institutions are counting on enjoying lush and beautiful environments to enhance their working and business environments.

So, if you like the thought of working outdoors, getting your hands dirty, working with nature, managing many workers at the same time, then check out this field. Some jobs titles are Account Executive/Landscape Services, Landscape Project Manager, Landscape and Snow Operations Associate, Landscape Architect, Plant Health Care Specialist, Arborist Crew Leader, and Nursery Manager- Horticulture.

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