Landscape and Horticulture Management (AAS)

What is A Landscape and Horticulture Management (AAS) Degree?

Landscape and Horticulture Managers are professionals who oversee the maintenance of exterior environments.  So, it’s much more than mowing the grass every week.  Landscape managers need to know about the turf, plants, flowers, bushes, and trees—how to feed them, control pests, cut them, and basically keep them sustainable over the long run given the unpredictability of weather.  Communities, companies, schools, and virtually all institutions are counting on enjoying lush and beautiful environments to enhance their working and business environments.

In an AAS degree program in Landscape and Horticulture Management you’ll take courses in subjects like landscape design, plant materials, pest control, landscape construction and irrigation, and horticulture therapy, plus some general education courses.  With the AAS degree you’ll be able to work for an outdoor sports facility, a golf course, or at a garden center or greenhouse. You may also decide to go on to earn a BS degree at some point.

The video below discusses a “typical” program, so it should help regardless of which school you are considering.

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