Plant Science, Golf and Sports Turf Management (BS)

What is A Plant Science, Golf and Sports Turf Management (BS) Degree?

Plant Science is the study of all aspects of plant life including their use for food, fiber, and ornamentation.  People in the field know how to keep plants healthy and beautiful and how best to plant them for good results, especially in the field of farming.  You can imagine what practitioners in the field need to know:  lots of plant biology and research techniques to identify problems and develop solutions. Scientists in the field tend to split their time between being in the field, being in the laboratory, and writing reports for corporations and government agencies about their findings.

The BS degree in Plant Science, Golf and Sports Turf Management will prepare you to work as a turfgrass specialist in the golf course and other sports turf industry.  Most degree programs take an interdisciplinary approach to teaching students about environmentally friendly ways of maintaining golf and sports turf to reduce player injury, to prevent run-off of water, and to manage CO2 productions.  Courses will include subjects like landscape architecture, soil science, irrigation and drainage, turf management, pest management for turf, soil fertility, and other subjects.  You may have some kind of capstone experience in which you will show what you have learned.

The videos below discuss “typical” programs, so they should help regardless of which school you are considering.

Faculty Advice

Student Advice