Finding a job may be easier!

- By Dr. Di

Two things are affecting job prospects for new grads recently, and both are big.  More Baby Boomers—people that may be your grandparents’ ages—are retiring this year, plus it’s expected that employers, at least in the US, will increase their hiring of new grads by about 11% over last year.  Job prospects should be as good as they’ve been for the last 20 years.  Along with these projections the National Association of Colleges and Employers also predicts that all fields will be strong, and that you’ll see an especially high demand for positions in engineering, electronic and vehicle manufacturing, and advertising.

I’ve mentioned this before, but more and more employers expect to train their own new hires in the specialized technical skills needed for their companies, believing that it’s unlikely you’ll get exactly what the company requires in your schoolwork.  That means that employers are looking for a broader base of skills in communicating, working with and managing a team, and critical thinking/problem-solving.  You may not be focused on these soft skills in your course work, so look for other ways to get them:  Volunteer to take on these responsibilities whenever you can, even if that means more work.  Leading teams and solving problems can equal more and better job opportunities for you, and that’s worth it.