Does it really matter where you go to college?

- By Dr. Di

Ten CEOs of various Chicago businesses were recently interviewed by journalists for the Chicago Tribune about whether or not they think it really matters what school you choose for your Bachelor’s degree.  Nine out of 10 of the CEOs said that it doesn’t matter how prestigious your first college is—that what you make of your college experience is far more important than a fancy name on your diploma.  The tenth CEO admitted that an Ivy League degree might open doors to your first job out of college, but after that, your success depends on your ability to work on a team and your productivity.

So, how should you choose a college?  Some tips from the CEOs were things like: Look for a major and an environment you can get excited about; learning to navigate in a large State school will help you succeed in the competitive business world; develop the desire to keep learning new things, even after college; choosing a college doesn’t define the rest of your life—it’s only the beginning; find a college that feels like a good fit for you; and succeeding in life has more to do with the kind of person you are than the school you choose to go to.

Here is some great advice from other CEOs.