Should you learn a trade instead of going to college?

- By Dr. Di

Your folks and friends may be pushing you toward college or finishing a degree, but would it be just as good to go into one of the trades instead?   Tim Carter, a syndicated writer and home improvement expert, recently said “Yes” to that question in an article in the Chicago Tribune recently.   And he points out a couple of key “attitudes” that are important for you to have success in a trade.

First, you need to think of trades as vocations, not just jobs.  Years ago, it was really common for young people to learn a trade and make it their vocations for the rest of their lives.  Even today people don’t just hold jobs as machinists and hair stylists, they ARE machinists and hair stylists.  Those are their vocations.

Secondly, Carter said that “. . . success lies in doing the job right.”  Bingo! If you’re going to practice a trade, be sure you are the very best you can be.  The rewards will come because you’ll feel really good taking pride in your work, and your employers and customers will seek you out because you do quality work.  And you’ll make more money and be a happier person all around.  Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?!

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