Culinary Arts (BS)

What is A Culinary Arts (BS) Degree?

Culinary Arts is all about the preparation, cooking, and presentation of food.  The “art” is in creating edible dishes that are both pleasing to the eye while also being pleasing to the taste buds.  The “science” of the field is to store and prepare foods so that they are safe to eat and are combined in ways to bring out the best in each ingredient.  Why get a BS degree instead of some kind of Associate’s degree or certificate in Culinary Arts?  Many of the culinary artists specialize in food from a particular region of the world like Italian food or Cuban food or in a particular type of food like pastries or entrees. You’ll get more training in international cuisines in a BS program than you would with the AAS.

Professionals in the field, like a chef, may be involved in planning menus, creating recipes, and preparing food, and also be involved more in the business aspects of the operation, advertising, planning work schedules, hiring and firing, ordering, etc. The BS degree program will spend more time and practice on these business issues.  You may start out in your first job at a level comparable to someone with a certificate or Associate’s degree; but you’ll be able to progress more quickly with the expanded knowledge you gained in the BS program.

What Can I Do With A Culinary Arts (BS) Degree?