Art (Studio Art, Digital Art, Graphic Design)

What Is Art (Studio Art, Digital Art, Graphic Design)?

Most people can’t agree on what Art is or what its purpose is, much less agree on what’s good art and what’s bad art.  But, despite that, many people are working in the field, some in the visual arts.  The field of Art, at least where careers are concerned, involves the creation of a tangible product of the artist’s imagination, arranged in forms, sounds, or words.  The objects that are produced, sometimes using the computer, are often seen as beautiful, controversial, or thought-provoking.  There are possibilities in the field like being a painter or sculptor (studio arts), photographer, or an illustrator.  Plus, there are digital arts where the artist uses the computer to create art as in graphics designs, digital photography, electronic sound and music, or animation.

So, the question to ask yourself first is do you have a passion for art?  That is, do you really want to be an artist?  That passion, along with at least a little creative ability, should be all you need to be trained in your art of choice.  You probably already know if Art is the field for you. If studio arts—painting, sculpting, drawing–are your primary interest, you may need to practice your craft while holding another job until you can live off the sale of your work.  If other areas of art are truly your passion, some of the jobs you might look at are Graphic Artist, Art Therapist or Nurturing Artist, Custom Framer, Gallery Manager, Curator, Art Historian, and Art and Crafts Director.

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