Art, Studio Art (BFA)

What is A Art, Studio Art (BFA) Degree?

Most people can’t agree on what Art is or what makes good or bad art.  But, despite that, many people are working in the field.  The field of Art, at least where careers are concerned, involves the creation of a tangible product of the artist’s imagination, arranged in forms, sounds, or words.  The objects that are produced, sometimes using the computer, are often seen as beautiful, controversial, or thought-provoking.

In a BFA degree program in Studio Arts students will learn about what we think of as fine art—those things that we can appreciate visually—like photographs, paintings, prints, drawings, sculptures or ceramics– all the things you might see at an art museum or at a fancy gallery. Students will hone their skills in one studio area, like painting or sculpture, and also have a secondary studio area.  Students working on the BFA degree in Studio Arts will probably already know what they’re good at and interested in pursuing before they apply to the program.  As a student you might also take some electives in the Graphics Arts to broaden your portfolio of possibilities.  This degree will prepare you for a professional-level position in the fine arts, to become practicing artists, and to be involved in the creation of fine art works.

The video below discusses a “typical” program, so it should help regardless of which school you are considering.

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What Can I Do With A Art, Studio Art (BFA) Degree?