Anthropology & Archaeology

What Is Anthropology & Archaeology?

The field of Anthropology studies societies and cultures all over the world, looking at how they began and how they continue, both then and now.  Anthropologists meet with people and experience their environments to draw their conclusions—some forensic, to help in law enforcement, and some to help societies adjust living standards for the good of the people.  Historically, how the people ate and lived, who their ancestors were, and today, how they talk to each other, what kinds of family arrangements they have—all kinds of things like that– are studied to draw conclusions.

Some Anthropologists, called Archaeologists, look at old, usually buried stuff, remnants of previous cultures; some study how people have evolved and changed over centuries, and some focus on how the people in societies make their decisions and talk to each other now.  These days we hear a lot about how Anthropology is used in law enforcement to solve crimes and identify victims.  There’s a lot about this field to like and lots of different directions to go in.  Are you curious how people have lived over centuries?  Do you like to travel to out of the way places and get your hands dirty?  Some possible job titles are Professor of Anthropology/Archeology, Equality and Diversity Officer, Archaeologist Field Technician, Environmental Scientist, and Cultural Resources Investigator.