Anthropology, Public Archaeology (MA)

What is An Anthropology, Public Archaeology (MA) Degree?

Anthropology looks at societies and cultures all over the world, looking at how they began and how they continue.  Archaeologists look at old, usually buried stuff, remnants of previous cultures; some study how people have evolved and changed over centuries, and some focus on how the people in societies make their decisions and talk to each other now.  Public Archeology is a field committed to sharing archaeology finds—data, conclusions, and questions–with the public in various ways.  They may bring awareness of local digs going on in the surrounding community, especially in an area which has a rich history of development.  Or they may put on presentations to help the public understand better about their own roots and ancestors.

Coursework for the MA degree in Public Archaeology will include, in addition to a good foundation in chemistry, biology, and geology, studying subjects like lithic analysis, zooarchaeology, ceramic analysis, and geoarchaeology.  You may  also specialize in topics of a certain region–maybe right where the college or university is located.  You might look at the art and artifacts of that region through extensive digs and analyses. You’ll probably participate in an internship and/or write a thesis as part of the program.

The video below discusses a “typical” program, so it should help regardless of which school you are considering.

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What Can I Do With An Anthropology, Public Archaeology (MA) Degree?