What's involved in the Transportation industry?

The field of Transportation involves moving people and materials around by air, land, and sea.  So, these careers may involve building the vehicles and equipment used, operating them, maintaining and repairing them, planning where they go, and helping them get there.  The field is huge and uses all different kinds of skills and skill levels; some careers involve technical training, some involve college degrees from certificates to the doctoral level, and some use on-the-job training.  Some careers in Transportation produce and maintain the vehicles and equipment—like car assembly technicians, truck or truck mechanics, some are service jobs—like bus driver, Uber driver, longshoreman to load cargo, ship captain, flight attendant, or airplane pilot, and some careers are for traffic engineers who write policies to control traffic intersections or air traffic controllers who make sure that planes in the air don’t run into each other.

With this many opportunities, Transportation is an industry that may have some possibilities for you no matter what your interests are, how much education you’d like to get, how much money you’d like to earn, what kind of working life you’d like to have, and what your aptitudes are in technical, leadership, or social areas.  The sky’s the limit—pun intended!