Nothing feels quite right!

- By Dr. Di

The world seems to have changed all of a sudden, and nothing feels quite right. Do you know what?  We’re all feeling this—we’re in this together.  There may be a little consolation in knowing that right here and right now will be one of those flash-bulb moments in life that you will talk about later, when this pandemic is a memory and things get back to whatever “normal” will end up being.  Some people know what it felt like when Kennedy was shot; some remember when the Challenger exploded; and you’ll know what it felt like when the Coronavirus pandemic occurred . . . when everything changed.

So, where does this crisis leave you?

If you’re in school right now, do your very best as you finish up your courses online or independently.  And use the time that you would have had for connecting with your friends to learn something new—how to make good pizza dough, put tables in Word documents, make a necklace out of bottle caps—or read poetry and actually think about it, or help out an elderly person by picking up their groceries or mowing their lawn.  Milestones like your job search, your internship, or your year abroad may be delayed a bit, but they will happen as soon as they need to. And, as your grandma might have said about the crisis, “This, too, shall pass.”

Are you interested in studying a future virus or caring for patients who become infected?  You might be interested in some of these careers!