Film Production

What Is Film Production?

Film Production is a sub-field of the communication arts which has to do with delivering both visual and sound communications.  It’s about delivering messages that are clear and serve the purpose they’re designed for, like sharing information or ideas, entertaining a group, or inspiring someone to action.

The production of films involves a sort of regimented process that is followed to create a film, one that is meant to entertain, instruct, inspire, inform, or persuade an audience.  Films are designed to be viewed either in a theater, training facility, private home, or on a media outlet like TV or the Internet, and there are different strategies that need to be used for each venue. This is a highly creative, yet precise, field.  To be involved in Film Production means knowing the basis for the film, scripting, planning through pictures, etc.  Producers know how to shoot and edit a film. The field takes talent, skill, and creativity so that the end product is useful and artistic.  If you’ve always been a movie buff—have positive or even powerful memories of films you’ve seen over the years—and think you have the creativity and initiative to work hard, this may be the field for you.

What Degrees Relate to Careers in Film Production?