Dramatic Writing (BFA)

What is A Dramatic Writing (BFA) Degree?

Dramatic writing involves creating stories to be played out in theater, film, and television. These stories may be comedic, tragic, or a hybrid of the two. They could be within certain genres like Action and Horror. Nevertheless, each story has a unique voice and message that’s put across. Most BFA in Dramatic Writing programs begin with general education and foundation courses to learn basic story structure and writing skills.

Throughout all four years, the Bachelor of Fine Arts programs in Dramatic Writing will usually focus on writing for film, stage, and television. In particular, the programs will emphasize the connections between the three and what is required to be a well-rounded dramatic writer. Whichever field you choose to enter, this Bachelor’s program is for writers — people who want to eat, breathe, and sleep writing. With the BFA, you may be working as a screenwriter, a playwright, a script supervisor, or a TV writer. Who knows? You may be picked up by one of the big entertainment companies in Hollywood!

The videos below discuss “typical” programs, so they should help regardless of which school you are considering.

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