Building Construction

What Is Building Construction?

The field of Building Construction has to do with the materials and methods used while constructing buildings.  Duh!  But, after knowing that, your choices become endless and tricky.  People in this field need to decide how the building should be designed and how to draw up the plans so that craftspeople can produce what’s needed.  Next, materials that fit the design and function the way they should, given the environment, and don’t cost too much money, need to be selected.  Then there are all the interior finishes like flooring and the light fixtures.  And sometimes the government has a say in how you must build.  Plus, the people paying for it have ideas, too.

If you’ve ever tried to build a birdhouse, you know the planning and skill that is needed.  And that’s just for a really tiny home.  The bottom line is that buildings need to have the proper form and function to serve the desired purpose, so there are lots of opportunities in this field for nearly everyone.  If you have an interest in any parts of this process—maybe designing structures because you sort of have an eye for design, or choosing materials for exterior and interior finishes because you like to redecorate you room from time to time, or getting your hands dirty while you watch a project come to life before your eyes—check out some of these job titles:  Architect, Construction Manager, Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter, Interior Designer, Operating Engineer, Carpenter, and Heating and Air Conditioning Expert.

What Degrees Relate to Careers in Building Construction?