Automotive Technology

What Is Automotive Technology?

The Automotive Technology field applies the scientific knowledge about how cars and trucks are put together and work to repair and maintain them.  So, it’s all about using science in a hands-on way.  If you decide to go into Auto Tech, you’ll take courses in brake systems, engine repair, automobile electrical systems, heating and cooling systems, and automobile transmissions, plus you’ll learn how to keep a car repair shop safe to work in.  You can get into a certificate program or earn an Associate’s degree in Automotive Technology by taking some general education in addition to your hands-on courses.  You probably know right now if this is what you want to do for the rest of your life:  work on cars.

Do you know people who seem to know how to fix a car and love getting their hands dirty?  Are you that person? If you want to design and build cars or hold a higher-level position with “engineer” in the title, then it might be best to check out come kind of engineering degree program.  But, if you want to feel the rush of getting a dead engine running or the satisfaction of fixing a leaky radiator on an old Chevy truck, then Auto Tech is for you.  You can run your own shop or work for one as part of a car dealer—maybe even manage it.  Jobs are things like Automotive Technician, Entry-level Auto Tech, Automotive Technology & Delivery Specialist, Automotive Mechanic, Automotive Technology Instructor, and Auto Services Technology Leader.