What Is Architecture?

The field of Architecture deals with the planning, designing, and construction of buildings and other structures.  It involves the art and science of creating buildings and the space that surrounds them.  So, the field of Architecture includes designing and building buildings; Landscape Architecture that has to do with creating the grounds around the building, parks for special purposes, and recreational fields; and Urban and Regional Planning, which involves looking at how best to group buildings and grounds to meet the needs of communities.  Another subfield of Architecture is Sustainable Environmental Design which could pertain to all aspects of buildings, grounds, and urban planning.  Some schools of Architecture see Interior Design as being an important part of the productive use of buildings and, therefore, a subfield of architecture.

If you want to work in the field of Architecture as an Architect, you will need to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, usually a 5-year program including an internship.  Most areas require an Architect to be licensed, and the 5-year BSArch programs may allow you to sit for the licensing exam without additional work.  Some 5-year training programs are designed to grant the BS or BA degree along with a Master’s degree in Architecture.  Check the college programs carefully to match your own career goals.  Whatever program you choose, you’ll study math, science, engineering, art, and computer science, because much of your work will be done using Computer-aided Design software.  Architecture is a field in which you’ll need to have a broad base of knowledge and skills:  math and science, art and spatial design, computers, and business.  Have you always been interested in building design?  Is it fund to sketch out some designs for a cool cabin in the woods or a treehouse in the backyard? Have you helped a friend build a deck and really had fun?  Are you good in math and science and also want to do creative work, that is, think you have a good eye for design?  Then, check out what’s possible in architecture.

What Degrees Relate to Careers in Architecture?