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Click Here to watch Donna Meyer, the President of the National Organization for Associate Degree Nursing and the Dean of Health Sciences at Lewis and Clark Community College, provide valuable advice related to pursuing a career in nursing.

Advice from Professors in Nursing

  • Nursing (MSN) –  looking for a professor willing to participate!
  • Nursing (BSN) – looking for a professor willing to participate!
  • Nursing (RN-BSN)
  • Nursing (ADN)

Advice from Students in Nursing Programs

  • Nursing Administration (MSN) – Phil
  • Nursing Education (MSN) – Lydia
  • Nursing (RN-BSN) – Brook
  • Nursing (BSN) – Melissa
  • Nursing (ADN) – Jennifer

Careers related to Nursing

Volunteer Opportunities

Stand Out in the Job Search: Volunteer!

  • American Cancer Society – helping people with cancer – Jessica Volunteer – Beverly
  • Hospice – helping patients in hospice care – Patty
  • Ronald McDonald House – helping families experiencing medical crises – Stephanie Volunteer – Justin
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters – helping children facing adversity – Paula
  • The Salvation Army – helping to provide hope to those in need – Stacey
  • The Humane Society – helping animals in need – Monie
  • Food Bank – helping people who need food – Karla
  • CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) – getting ready for disasters – JoAnne
  • Habitat for Humanity – helping low income families – Rebecca
  • Crisis Hotline Volunteer Advice – Megan