Women: Want to earn more money? Consider a career in trucking?

- By Dr. Di

Some women are getting a whole new lease on life by going into trucking careers.  Why not earn more money while experiencing an “extended camping trip” as one female over-the-road trucker described her new job in an article in the Wall Street Journal? Some female drivers are choosing to do the light truck delivery jobs instead of long distance.  But both short- and long-distance drivers are finding, in today’s trucking industry, they are no longer expected to load and unload the goods and will be driving trucks with less taxing transmissions and other bells and whistles that make truck driving more female-friendly.

The icing on the cake:  Women and men make the same money on the salary scale—there’s no gender differences. As you might guess, statistics show that the number of women in the industry has increased by 68% since 2010.  Even with that, women still account for less than 7% of all truckers.  So, there’s plenty of room for more women truckers, especially since more drivers are needed with the explosive increases in online buying. Want to earn on a high salary and enjoy a job without someone breathing down your neck every moment?  Think seriously about trucking.

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