Veterinary Medicine & Vet Technology

What Is Veterinary Medicine & Vet Technology?

As you probably know, Veterinary Medicine is the branch of the medical field that looks at the causes of illnesses, the diagnosis, and the treatment of diseases and injuries in animals. Most Veterinarians work with domesticated animals, like our pets and farm animals, but some specialize in animals in the wild and in zoos.  After getting a Bachelor’s degree, probably in one of the sciences, people who want to treat animals as a Veterinarian will need to complete a doctoral program at a Vet school. The training is pretty much like that of human doctors, except that Vets need to learn how to diagnose health problems with animals who can’t talk—they can’t tell you where it hurts! That sometimes complicates things.

There is another option in the field, though, for people who really want to work to help animals but don’t want to commit to that much school:  that of a Veterinary Technician.  Vet Techs need to complete a Vet Tech program, probably two years in length, that has the proper accreditation.  Then the Vet Tech works right along side the Vet, caring for animals in much the same way as the doctor does.  However, Vet Techs don’t do surgery, develop diagnoses, or prescribe medications.  But, they have lots of the same knowledge and skills of the Vet, and share the love of animals that everyone in the field has.  Maybe you’ve taken care of your neighbor’s pets, walked dogs in your neighborhood, or gotten into animal rescue efforts in your community.  If you have a soft spot in your heart for animals of all kinds, then think seriously about devoting your life to Veterinary Medicine.  Some job titles, besides Veterinary and Veterinary Technician, are Veterinary Assistant, Clinical Care Specialist, Veterinary Pharmacist, Pet Resort Attendant, and Animal Assisted Trainer or Therapist.

What Degrees Relate to Careers in Veterinary Medicine & Vet Technology?