The soft skills of ethics

- By Dr. Di

We’ve talked about soft skills in the past—the soft skills of problem-solving, communications, showing empathy, etc.—and their importance.  Well, here’s a soft skill that you might not have thought of:  practicing good ethics . . . ethics in decision-making, managing, working with others, and in just about any human situation you can think of.  That means being respectful, dependable, and doing the right thing.

Industry is moving into a new way of producing goods and services; that is, not just using computers and robots in manufacturing, but fully integrating technology into smart computers while using Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing, and advanced processes that we can only imagine.  That means that computers may have the ability to make high level decisions—sort of take more control–without much human intervention.  So, it will be important for leaders and employees to use these artificial intelligence skills responsibly, because using them irresponsibly could have a huge impact on our society and world, possibly even leading to catastrophe.  Ethical practices have always been important in everyday life; behaving ethically will be even more important—crucial, you might say–in the very near future.

Do you behave ethically in the workplace?  Watch this short video related to Behaving Ethically.