What's involved in the Sports industry?

The field of Sports, both professional and amateur, can provide many different career possibilities for the sports-minded.  There are careers as an athlete in any number of team or individual sports, like becoming a pro football player or an amateur skier on an Olympic team. Or there are careers in Sports Management, including many administrative positions like Athletic Director at a university or in Business Services for a pro baseball team.  There are also sales jobs, public relations, and facilities managers positions, plus a lot more. There are careers related to Sports equipment—manufacturing, sales, distribution, store management—or in Sports media which employs newscasters, broadcasters, photographers, you name it.  There are opportunities in Exercise Science and Physical Education, where people are needed as personal trainers, gym operators, equipment managers, group fitness instructors, and lots of other areas. Then there are all the coaches who motivate individuals and teams for maximum performance and referees and officials who make sure that physical moves are executed precisely and games are played according to the rules. And then there is all the teaching about sports and athletics that is done in colleges, training centers, and health clubs.

You may already know that you want to be involved in some way in the Sports area.  You don’t have to be an athlete yourself to be connected with sports, but it helps to have a good sense of what goes into the making of a good athlete or team.  Have you already had some experience working with a sports team?  Were you the kind of kid who memorized all the sports statistics about your favorite team growing up? Did you collect baseball cards?  Do you like to know the rules of the games so that you know the call of the official before it is even made?  If so, there is probably a career for you in this industry that you love.